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SAP || FI Month End Closing Activities ||

FI Month End Closing Activities

What are the Month End Closing Activities in Finance?
1. Recurring Documents.
a) Create Recurring documents
b) Create Batch Input for Posting Recurring Documents
c) Run the Batch Input Session
2. Posting Accruals or Provisions entries at month end
3. Managing the GR/IR Account-Run the GR/Ir Automatic Clearing
4. Foreign Currency Open Item Revaluation-Revalue Open Items in
5. Maintain Exchange Rates
6. Run Balance Sheets –Run Financial Statement Version
7. Reclassify Payables and Receivables if necessary
8. Run the Depreciation Calculation
9. Fiscal Year Change of Asset Accounting if it is year end
10. Run the Bank Reconciliation
11. Open Next Accounting Period

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SAP || FI-MM-SD Integration ||

FI-MM-SD Integration
How do you go about setting the FI MM account determination ? FI MM settings are maintained in transaction code OBYC. Within these there are various transaction keys to be maintained like BSX, WRX, GBB, PRD etc. In each of these transaction keys you specify the GL accounts which gets automatically passed at the time of entry. Few examples could be: BSX- Stands for Inventory Posting Debit GBB-Standsfor Goods Issue/Scrapping/delivery of goods etc PRD- Stands for Price Differences.
At what level is the FI-MM, FI-SD account determination settings? They are at the chart of accounts level.
What are the additional settings required while maintaining or creating the GL codes for Inventory accounts? In the Inventory GL accounts (Balance sheet) you should switch on the ‘Post automatically only’ tick. It is also advisable to maintain the aforesaid setting for all FI-MM accounts and FI-SD accounts. This helps in preserving the sanctity of those accounts and prevents from having any difference …

SAP || FI GL ||

Q.Give some examples of GL accounts that should be posted automatically through the system and how is this defined in the system.
Ans: Stock and Consumption accounts are instances of GL accounts that should be automatically posted . In the GL account master record, a check box exists wherein the automatic posting option is selected called “
Post Automatically Only”

Q.What is a Account group and where is it used?
Ans: An Account group controls the data that needs to be entered at the time of creation of a master record. Account groups exist for the definition of a GL account, Vendor and Customer master. It basically controls the fields which pop up during master data creation in SAP.

Q.What is a field status group?
Ans: Field status groups control the fields which come up when the user does the transactions. There are three options for field selection.
    They are:
       Display only
So basically you can have any field either for display only …


Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
At what level are the customer and vendor codes stored in SAP? The customer and vendor code are at the client level. That means any company code can use the customer and vendor code by extending the company code view.
How are Vendor Invoice payments made? Vendor payments can be made in the following manner: Manual payments without the use of any output medium like cheques etc. Automatic Payment program through cheques, Wire transfers, DME etc.
How do you configure the automatic payment program? The following are the steps for configuring the automatic payment program:- Step 1 Set up the following: Co. code for Payment transaction Define sending and paying company code. Tolerance days for payable Minimum % for cash discount Maximum cash discount Special GL transactions to be paid
Step 2 Set up the following: Paying company code for payment transaction Minimum amount for outgoing payment No exchange rate diff Separate payment for each ref Bill/exch payment Form for pay…